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How to remove the 'default today option' from a Date inputfield ?



I write a VF page with five date inputFields ,  

and I found the default today was displayed on the right of the inputfields.

It's:         [______][ 2009/02/18 ].

May it's name is 'datepicker.insertDate' .

It make my row very long .

Can just user the Date inputField without that 'today' option?

Infact, If I want a default value, I can set it in my controller or sobject. 

here's my code ,is just a date inputField.


<apex:repeat value="{!boList}"

var="boInfo" id="pageRepeat">



<apex:inputField id="nday" style="width:80px;" value="{!boInfo.transferDay__c}" />



<-- five same inputField here --> <-- ... --></tr></apex:repeat>




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Richie DRichie D

Have you tried setting the value of boInfo.transferDay__c to be a date value? It'll then put the date into the field for you. 


Not sure if you can get rid of the popup link though. (Apart from putting some javascript in to find the element that contains the link and setting the style.display (or is it visibility?) to be hidden.)




You can set the CSS to cause this to not be displayed:



The CSS is cool....