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presisting tabstyle


I have a couple of custom object that logically can be grouped in a single Tab called options, besides the fact 

that i try not to litter too much main tab area  with tab per object


what I have done is VF page assigned to VF tab "Options". This page contains set of commandLinks (one per object). when clicked this command links redirect to separate detail VF page  per object .

This detail VF page is simple, something like this:


<apex:page tabStyle="Options__tab" controller="LocationsController">
   <apex:form >
    <apex:commandbutton value="Back to Options" action="{!Back}"/>
    <apex:ListViews type="UN_Locations__c" id="LocationList"/>


In there I preserve the TabStype of main Options page and simply show ListView of the object


This is working extermely nice, until I click on an item, than i get the detail of the object (for edit, delete)

but than the style is different than default Options style and no Tab is selected on the standard Tab palette, so it is  kind of inconsistent where the user is.


How can I preserve the tab style in the detail page object? Does this mean I have to override New/Edit buttons with yet another set of VF pages just to put  tabStyle="Options__tab" in them?


Thanks in advance


Although I am getting there from a different direction, I have the same problem of maintaining continuity with the internal tabs.


Also, I am unable to set up navigation properly.  I have 6 tabs in the internal tab section and if at any time working with them you click your browser's back button, you are returned to the initial detail tab, even though you may have been to 10 pageviews within the internal tabs since you were last at the detail tab.  I understand the logistics that you are actually viewing a single detail page with related lists that are converted to tabs, but I cannot figure out how to create a better navigation system.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.