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Getting fields to span properly on pages

How do I mimic the usual Page Layout section behavior where you can say a section is one column wide and have your field fill the whole column?


I've been playing with the number of columns as below, setting it to all sorts of numbers.  Setting columns="1"  shoves the field off to the left and leaves the entire right of the pageBlockSection wastefully blank.


<apex:pageBlockSection title="Users" columns="1">

<apex:inputField id="descr" value="{!Case.'Description}"/>


What am I missing?

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Personally I would use:



<apex:pageBlockSection title="Users"> <apex:inputField id="descr" value="{!Case.Description}" style="width: 700px;"/> </apex:pageBlockSection>


 You can modify the width pixels to match up to the other fields above and below