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Error ID: 1384120050-1356 (1393152190)



I am trying to create a visual force page but keep getting this error ID when doing so. It says to contact, though I have sent them a mail, yet to get a response.


Is any one else facing this problem? I have noticed it only when using <apex:relatedlist> option, if i remove that section the page displays fine. Is there a solution for this.




Ron HessRon Hess

Could you post the smallest page that causes the error id?



Sure, this is just a sample code where I get the error

<apex:page standardController="Position__c" recordsetVar="position" sidebar="false" showHeader="false"> <style> .activetab {backgroud-color:tan; color:black; background-image:none font-family:verdana} .inactivetab {background-color:lightgrey; color:black; background-image:none font-family:verdana} </style> <apex:tabPanel tabClass="activetab" inactiveTabClass="inactivetab" selectedTab="tabbedview"> <apex:tab label="Details" name="Details" > <apex:detail relatedList="false" title="false" /> </apex:tab> <apex:tab label="Job Application" name="Job Application"> <apex:relatedList subject="{!position}" list="Job_Applications__r"/> </apex:tab> </apex:tabPanel> </apex:page>

If I remove the <apex:relatedlist> the page displays.




I've filed a bug for us to gracefully handle the error message, but your page code doesn't make much sense.  "position" is your recordSetVar, meaning that it represents a collection of sObjects.  apex: relatedList's subject attribute takes in an id.  You're passing a collection of sObjects into an id attribute.  Are you sure that you mean for this page to use a list controller?  If so, you need to make sure you are only passing in one id to the subject attribute.