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2 questions abou Visualforce email templates

Just getting started with these, hopefully they will be easy to answer!


  1. We have created a Custom Object called Test__c that has a Parent / Child relationship to Accounts. We have used other Visualforce templates in the past for lookup relationships using the following syntax to show the related records: <apex:repeat var="cx" value="{!relatedTo.Test__c}">. However now we are getting a message stating: "Error: Invalid field Test__c for SObject Account", is there a different way to access these type of relationships?
  2. On a simmilar subject. We wouldn´t want all Test__c records returned on that query, but just those that have a certain condition. How do you add conditions here?

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Ok, I resolved point 1), for master-detail relationships you have to use Test__r and not Test__c. I also have ideas on point 2 which is using Javascript to select what to show based on field values. The only question is: is there an easier way to do this in Visualforce?