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Maildrop 'Add Email' Problem with attachments -> ¿¿

First I'll say that I really appreciate Maildrop! Thanks for the OS X support.

I using Apple's Mail. Tiger-Intel. Here's my issues:
When I run the 'Add email' script it works fine for inbound mail from clients. But when I 'Add email' from my sent folder it has a problem when the message contains my signature which contains a jpg logo (an attachement displayed in message).

Here's what happens:
It identifies the contact fine. It logs the email fine. The subject is fine.
But the comment (email body) only show up as: ¿¿
(see attached pic)

Anyone else had this problem and knows the fix?

Unrelated: Here's a great website showing keyboard shortcuts within OS X

Seattle, WA
Basically, MailDrop does not handle mail attachments, i.e. they are not uploaded to
I pointed this out to Zak a couple of months ago; presumably, he is still working on it.

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Thanks Rup. I expected the attachment to be stripped, but oddly it can't event add any of the text as plain text (my message starts as HTML message).

Just: -> ¿¿

It looks to me like the script should take the message as plain text so I'm curious why it's getting stumped.

(exerpt of 'Add email' script)
on createActivity(theSubject, theBody, theFromAddr, theFromName, theDate)
tell application "Maildrop"
set theEmail to make new email
set plain body of theEmail to theBody

I'm not too script saavy, but if anyone knows a modification I can cut and paste I'll take the help!

The more interesting line is higher up in the script

set theBody to content of eachMessage

What Maildrop gets is what Mail tells it the message content is. Looking through the mail scripting dictionary, there doesn't seem to be any better option. (short of getting the raw message and reparsing it myself).