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Jay LawrenceJay Lawrence 

FYI importing address book contacts

I am evaluating salesforce.com (and will sign up for the team edition). I was disappointed that I could not use the sync program sfcubed. So, I thought it would be helpful for other Mac users to know what I did to import some of my contacts into Salesforce.com

Since you cannot use the Address book's vCard format you need to export using another means. I found Mail Scripts:

Which did a good job for me. Its pretty straightforward once you install the scripts and activate the scripts menu item. Under the scripts menu you will likely find two sets of Address book Scripts. In one of them you will find "Export Addresses". You can select all or one of your groups. It will save the file to your desktop.

For export options:
Select Add Column Titles
Unselect Unicode Output

and of course the relevant contact fields you want to export. I only did a basic name, work phone, work email, work address export. You may not get 100% match up with your Address book data to salesforce.com so your mileage may vary.

Then you use Salesforce.com's import function which does a nice job of guessing the right fields even. Sweet. Good luck fellow mac users.
Where can I find the Mail Scripts? Have you found any other workarounds for importing selected groups or vCards from Address Book?