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Printing predefined forms and spaces between characters

We have problem with printing predefined forms where we need spaces between characters.

The optimal situation would be that user just click "print form" a the printer would start printing  (as in the old system from the year 2001 ;-)


1) we tried VF page, everything  else  is ok, but then we come up with the problem of browser margin setup that is not possible to defined at VF pages.

2) we tried to generate pdf from the visual force page, but some reason any of the solutions we found out didn't support characters spaces, they printed as normal characters at pdf

3) word mail merge we get everything right, but this is not the user friendly way, as you need to have security tokens and office merge set up. There can be several users that use same pc... and some of the users have Mac.


So PLEASE help us, any solutions? Any proposals?... These forms are defined by the government / police and read optically so we cant go "almost" there solution.