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Adding a extra field in standard object ?



I want to display a table of Product2 items (List<Product2>) for selection with a checkbox.


There is no field in the Product2 object for "Selected" item...


Do I actually need to permanently add a "selected" field to the Product2 object ?


Or is there a way that I can temporarily add a checkbox in the table for selection retrieval ?


Thanks !


If you have a Tab for Product2, go to it and click the 'View All' Go button at the top. Does it give you checkboxes?

No, there are no checkboxes. The Product2 object has only one custom field for Family Description.


What I need to lear is how to have a array of checkboxes that map the the array of products within a pageBlockTable.


Maybe SalesForce does not work like this at all ?



Maybe you could try adding a List Button to the tab's List View in the objects Page Layout. That should give you a checkbox per line when you List All on the tab.