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Eclipse freezes on "Fetching Packages"



I've been having an ongoing problem with eclipse freezing while it's syncing with salesforce to update a current, or start a project. The freeze happens about five seconds into the load after I complete the login details.


I'm certain the network proxy settings are correct. Tracking network traffic it looks like its waiting for input from salesforce and hangs. At router, it's still sending out packets, but none are received.


Last time I modifying the system, I was using eclipse and plugin for 3.3 but that no longer works with the same crash result., going back historically, last version that works is 3.2.2 but I would like to have some of the newer features.


Anyone had a similar problem? This is reasonably urgent as there's code I would love to modify in my system and don't really have a method to do it in production environment.