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Page controllers not found/recognised

Collective wisdom please!


I have a managed package (say MyPackageName) installed in a dev org which contains a page controller (say MyPackagedPageController) and i am having 2 problems:



If i try to use the package's page controller for a VF page, it works fine e.g. controller="MyPackageName.MyPackagedPageController".

However, if i try to include an extension in the VF page that is not found in the package (say MyExtension) e.g. extensions="MyExtension",

when i try click on a button on the VF page that is supposed to refresh the page (an apex function returning a page reference) I get the error:"Apex class 'MyPackageName.MyExtension' does not exist"



If i simply try and have a page controller (say MySeparatePageController) for the VF page e.g. controller="MySeparatePageController", I get an error when i just try and save the VF page saying during development simply saying: "Error: Index: 0"


Any thoughts please?!