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Probably this question also involved packaging ,but is VF related issue.


     we are working on an application this application is working fine before summer in packaged installed application ,but right now am it is behaving differently.



The issue is with apex:commandlink action property.using command link action property am constructing an URL in this URLa m calling an VF page ,it is working fine in unmanaged code ,if i packaged the same code it not working (i.r for testing purpose we are using summer sandboxes and free developers account .it is not working I opened a free developer account after summer release that same package is working find if i installed the package application in old account.



Anybody know about this behavior .I added proper names space also but in this scenario am suspecting the action function ,when am invvoking the action function it is failing in new account.



It is very urgent anybody faced this type so issues help me. or some person can look in the issue.


Please provide example of what you doing. Also, I don't think completely understood where it works and where it doesn't. Are you saying that it work in the developer org(org from which you uploaded the package), but doesn't in target org (org in which you installed the package). Can you please clarify that as well.

ES, I am testing the application in developer org only.



Here I have two type of account.


1)Developer accounts created before summer release.

2)/Developer account created after summer account.


when am test the application ( 1) it was working fine.but in  (2) account it is not working.


error message is:The page you submitted was invalid for your session. Please click Save again to confirm your change.



I am getting this error when am clicking an commanlink button.(that too in standard object page layout and only in packaged application). Regarding this issue I will create a case post here for yours reference it is a critical bug that too we are excepting it is a related bug.

Here is the 
Case Number

gv007 - are you perhaps referencing the server in your URL that you are constructing i.e. or


na6 and provided partner  test sand box servers( any free developer account opened after summer upgrade

Right, maybe I wasn't clear in my response.  I'm just wondering if you are referencing a specific server name in your URL.


Can you post an example of the URL you are constructing?


 Like this am constructing any was fine when it unmanaged but after packaging it is not working i added proper name space also to VFpage. I am suspecting here action function is not working after summer upgrade.


If i installed the same package in older account that (the free developer account are opned before summner upgrade).


<apex:commandLink styleClass="actionLink" action="{!URLFOR($Page.VFpage, null, [sessionId = thirdpartysssid, dId = d.did, isListPage = isListPage, dObjId =])}" target="_parent" value="message" />

I think at this point all instances are Summer '09, correct?  This may be a stupid question, but are you 100% sure all Profiles in the new instance you downloaded to have the proper security config to access the page?

I agree with right now all the instance are upgraded to summer 09.and i cheked right now also regarding the profiles all user have right the related pages once agian it is workign fine in unmanaged code after packageing am hitin this bug.