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iPhone Salesforce app

Does anyone have any feedback on this app? I was going to try it today, but apparently the tens of thousands of dollars my small business pays Salesforce every year isn't enough to allow me to use this (surprise, surprise). I don't want to sign up for the trial unless someone can tell me it is worth it. Using Salesforce through Safari on the iPhone is beyond inconvenient. It would be great if for once a solution we used could provide a tiny bit of extra value with out nickel and diming, but that is SAAS for you......
Hey MacPwner,

Well, I won't say it's worth it for anyone, but I can tell you the SF Mobile is worth it for me.  I recommend it for you (or to anyone) who ever wants/has to do the following:
  • log a call in SF that they make from their device.
  • log an email in SF when travelling.
  • update a record (account/opportunity/contact/etc) notes/status while not by their laptop.
  • access a custom app/tab that they have and be travelling.
  • do some cleanup on records while on the most boring flight ever (I've unfortunately had my share of flights with bad movie choices...)
The time that have SF Mobile with me when i don't have or want to lug out the laptop has far outweighed the price i pay for the license each year.  And the best part is once you log or update in SF Mobile, it is available for others to see right within the full application (or, if you're on that plane ride from hell, all your updates are sent once you're back online).  If you ever travel, or use your device heavily for emails/calls, my personal opinion would be to give the trial a try.

Hope this helps...


PS: I say device, simply as i am still a blackberry user.  The price I'd have to pay for the data use I use up here in Canada would likely buy me a small island in the Carribean...until that changes, no iPhone for me...  :smileysad:
Fred WidarssonFred Widarsson
I've rolled out the SFDC Mobile app to many Users. It's worth it.
Yesterday, a new sales manager joined the company I work for. It took us 10 minutes to have the new person up and running with the Mobile app. 15 minutes into the discussion, he was scrolling thru his Contacts in SFDC on the smartphone, learning how to call them with a single click.
Here's my suggestion:
  1. Test the app on your own. Limit the amount of data you see on your smartphone to what is truly necessary (due to the small screen).
  2. Build Views that will list Accounts and Contacts by City and also by Zip.
  3. Showcase what you've created (should take an hour or two to build and test out) to a few stakeholders and see how they react.
  4. If the stakeholders like what they see, turn it into a project intended to deliver true Business Value.
Here's what you can expect to happen - if you can address the needs of your Users - having data available on the road:
  • The Users can now use SFDC anytime and anywhere. Immediately, there is a strong incentive fot them to have updated and clean data. Your gain: Data Quality and User Adoption go up.
  • When your team travel, they can review (thanks to you Views) Contacts in the area they're in. They can immediately call on these Contacts. Your gain: You help your team being productive and at the end of the day close more business.
  • Your Users can update their SFDC throughout their workday; Enter upcoming Events, put in notes from a meeting and update Opportunities, etc. When their workday is over, most of their SFDC entry is done, plus their records or updated. Your gain: You're the person saving them valuable time, not having catching up on adminstration in front of a PC.
Bottom line: Try it out / gain support  / roll out / coach Users. 
                    Lastly... enjoy your success. You'll be worth it.

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I'll begrudgingly give it a try. The reverse is true here. iPhone has an unlimited data plan for $30 a month where as Blackberry's have other fixed email service costs in addition to data costs...
You might want to want for v2.0 of the iPhone app, when it gets read/write capabilities, the v1.0 is read-only.
Thanks Simon,

Will do....
Simon,  Version 2.0 was released with the Winter 09 release.  So, the iPhone app now allows you to edit, create, delete just like with the berry version.  I believe if you have the original version on your phone, you just need to update.

MacPnwer - ah, I dream of packages like that...here in Canada we have two providers, and only Rogers carries the iPhone.  Their "big" package is $75/mth, and that gets you 400 minutes weekday phone allotment and a whopping 2GB of data.  And, for another $60 (for a total of $135 per month) you can have 3GB added onto that.  Now, I may be a heavy user of the berry, but I have averaged about 35 GB each month (like i said...plus, I am lucky enough to have a 50GB plan for 95 dollars, which they no longer offer...I guess Canada doesn't believe in unlimited...:smileymad:)


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I'm 99.999999% certain that the 2.0 release is not out yet.
Simon - I stand corrected.  Version 1.1 is up on the appstore, but have been told that 2.0 will be available (and all users will be auto notified) when Apple approves and posts the build to the store.  So, MacP, I'd agree with Simon - I'd hold off a week or so...


We just released a new iPhone mobile app on the AppStore called Search2GO.  It isn't designed to do what Salesforce Mobile does (full offline access), but it does give you convenient fast access to the key fields on major objects (Accounts, Contacts, Leads and Opportunities).  It was designed to just use the API so you don't need an AppExchange component and it works with PE, DE, EE, UE and Platform. If you are going to Dreamforce feel free to stop by the Model Metrics booth and we can give you a tour.



Will make sure I will drop by.  Sounds interesting...

Just to let those who were following this thread, version 2.0 for the iPhone is up on the appstore now.  This version allows for Create, Edit and Delete through the iPhone mobile app...

I've been using the 2.0 version.  Having trouble with my data set and no "view" availability.  You just see events as one big list without dates.  The data interface is fast and easy to use.  If anybody can point me to a place to refine data and manage views...would be perfect.
I downloaded the 2.0 release.  Seems to be working nicely.  Way behind BlackBerry Version.  They need to add views to make it worthwhile.  Am experiencing an odd bug.  Since upgrading to the editable version....my start and end time don't show up for any events.  They appear to be sorted in chronological order...but the date and time are absent.  Any one else run into this one?
Mac ChristmasMac Christmas
I am a new user of salesforce, and Today I trying yo download the salesforce sandbox application on iPhone but I can't download the application showing this error  iPhone Error 4013 (https://appletechnicalsupportnumbers.com/blog/itunes-error-4013/) what should I do now? I want a direct download link, replay this thread and share with me the download link.