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Syncing Groups rather than entire address book using sfCubed

Is there a way to sync salesforce contacts to one Apple Address Book GROUP rather than syncing and integrating the entire two databases?

SFCubed doesn't support this yet, however PocketMac backup for salesforce.com does appear to support it, you might want to look into that.



this is the number 1 issue with sfCubed for us and, judging by the various posting on this forum and others, by many others.


can anyone ask the developer what his plans are for this feature? 


without this sfCubed syncing is basically not an option for many folks 


I am the developer of SFCubed, This is 1 of 2 features for SFCubed that are at the top of the todo list, however i just don't have the time at the moment to work on it. (It is open source if anyone wants to help out).


As i mentioned in the previous post, the PocketMac product i believe does offer this, if this is a critical feature for you.




Thanks for the heads-up Simon and I do appreciate the fact that this is open-source and not something you receive any money for directly. I used sfCubed the first time I started working with SF by making a temporary address book on my Mac with only business contacts and syncing all those over, so I know that the tool works great.


If you ever get time to implement this feature we'd all be very happy, in the meantime thx for MailDrop.. I use that all the time and its awesome. Its basically the reason I can use SalesForce at all..




I'm another user and my company is all on Mac.  We'd love to see syncing to GROUPS!


Thanks for all the open source ware!