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Mail Drop

I'm transferring from using the CRM package Daylite which has great email integration with Apple Mail. 


I'm evaluating Absolute Automation and MailDrop.  


I like MailDrop better.  Apart from being free, it allows one to be smart about which emails to link versus the inclusive approach of AA.


Am I missing anything?


Although, I wish MailDrop had the ability to link an email to an Account, Opportunity, and Contact all in one click.  It appears to take multipe iterations.


Are there are advantages to AA that I'm missing?



In maildrop you can associate an email to a contact & opportunity in one go, in the UI, it'll automatically get rolled up to the account view as well.
Does MailDrop let you attach emails to custom objects?
Make sure your custom object is configured to allow activities.

is anyone else having problems with mail drop not including attachments or text???


when we use mail drop and the add email function, it merely creates a new task with the email subject as the title in salesforce and does not include any of the body text or attachments from the original email.


we've tried reinstalling the mail drop scripts, with no change in behavior.


we are running salesforce group edition and adding emails from apple's

Do the attachments show in the add email dialog box? are they checked ? what version of OSX are you running ?
hi, simon.  thanks for the reply.  yes, i can see the file names in the email dialogue box and they are checked.  in multiple attachment messages, i've tried unchecking one to see if it makes a difference.  it does not.  my messsages are set to html.  not sure if using plain text would make a difference.  i'm running osx 10.4.11.

There seems to be some issues getting the text representation of the email body from via applescript for certain types of messages, not entirely sure what the issue is.


You know that the attachments will appear on the who/what selected in the attachments list, and not on the activity itself, right ?

so far, we have had zero success with text.  the attachments upload sometimes on accounts and never on leads.  we see the attachments in the notes and attachments section for accounts, but can't seem to find the similar section in leads.

Yes, I am having the problem with posting Sent emails with Maildrop.

The text body of the email is not transferring to Salesforce, but the attachments are.

In other words, the Comment section under the particular Task is empty. 

This does not happen with Received emails, only with Sent emails.

Any suggestions on how to correct this?




I sent you a post yesterday.

I am having the same problem with the text of the Sent email message not appearing under the Task detail on Salesforce.

Attachments are transferring properly, but not the text of the message.

Received messages are working fine, but not Sent messages.


Are you using Mail or Entourage? what email format is your email client configured for sending outbound emails ? Have you checked in the console log for anything interesting ?

I am using Apple Mail in OS 10.4.11, not Entourage.

I am not too computer literate, so would need more specifics from you about what you want from the Apple Mail setup and the console log.







I don't know what happened, but I am now linking the sent emails to SF properly.  It's working fine.


I have another question:  how do I add a sent email to two SF contacts, so that the email posts to both Contact records?