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Maildrop for mac using from address instead of to address when adding email from sent folder

Maildrop for mac using from address instead of to address when adding email from sent folder.


Any Ideas? 

I am experiencing the exact same problem, and noticed the change occur right after I upgraded the new web services backend for Entourage last week.  
I am experiencing this too. It makes it so that I have to manually type in the account I'm connecting the email to every time I want to archive a message from my Sent folder. Any way around this, or is there a fix coming?

I am not having your specific problem.

My problem is that after using Maildrop for a Sent message, it is posting properly to the correct contact in Salesforce, however the text body of the email message is not showing up in the Comments section of the task activity.

This does not happen with Received messages, only with Sent messages. 

Report it at
J WashburnJ Washburn

I had a struggle with this issue and had some difficulty finding the otherwise simple solution, so here it is for the good of the order. 



Using Maildrop 2.2 on Snow Leopard 10.6.2 with Apple Mail 4.2, I was using the 'Add Email to' and 'Create Case In' scripts in my daily workflow. However, I noticed that whenever I tried to add an email or create a case respectively with these scripts, all was well and good if the email was in any folder but my 'Sent' folder. If the message was in this folder, the "Related to Who?" search field in Maildrop as well as the corresponding "Related to Name" field in SF had MY address, not the address of the person to whom the email was actually sent. Not optimal to say the least...


However the fix is easy. I am guessing that Apple made a change to what AppleScript calls the 'Sent' folder in Mail. Simon Fell, the creator of Maildrop (God bless you Simon!!!) has added a simple AppleScript to his development page (link here) which when a message in your Sent box is selected and the script is ran, reports back the name of your Sent folder as Mail sees it. Then to repair the script, one simply has to open the offending scripts in the AppleScript Editor and replace what the script is currently calling the Sent folder in each script with the correct term in one place in each script. 


for example, in my case:


The 'mailbox name.scpt' returned  "Sent Items".






for the 'Create Case in' script the line:


if the name of theMailbox is equal to "Sent Messages" then


needed to be replaced with


if the name of theMailbox is equal to "Sent Items" then 





for the 'Add Email to' script the line:


if the name of theMailbox is equal to "Sent" then


needed to be replaced with


if the name of theMailbox is equal to "Sent Items" then  


this has solved my problems, and I hope Simon's work will solve many more!