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Is it just me, does Salesforce not really work well with MAC?

I am a novice user to Salesforce but I have noticed that most of the programs are designed for PC's and not Mac's.  I just opened something and it said that Salesforce doesn't support Safari...  Huh?  I also am not a huge fan of the mail drop program as it's an extra step that seems to be clunky...


All of these experiences make me use Salesforce less than I should, but it's too frustrating to keep having to adapt to something that should already be there...


Am I just venting or are there answers to this?



I'm working with a Salesforce partner and we're using Macs almost exclusively. Never had any issues with either Safari, Firefox or Camino for that matter (Camino seems to be the fastest browser for working in Salesforce).
There might be some third-party applications that require Windows but so far I could do without them.
As for mail drop: on a PC you'd have to install the Outlook extensions which have a few problems of their own.
I'm pretty happy with the Googlemail and GoogleApps integration though.

HTH - Andreas
Unsupported Browser For Mail Merge

This feature requires Internet Explorer for Windows 6.0 or higher on Microsoft Windows 2000 or Windows XP. 

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this is what I get....  

Call support ask them to enable enhanced mailmerge for your account, it'll then do all the mailmerge server side, no requirement to have IE.

Thus the life/religion we choose by going down the Mac path! We gladly sacrifice some compatibilities here and there for the trade off of using OSX right?


I agree with you - i do wish there was a tighter integration between SFDC and OSX 

Can you expand of the specifics of this tighter integration that you're looking for ?

You're right, standard mail merge doesn't work with a mac - but it also doesn't work with Mozilla Firefox on a PC. Basically it ONLY works with Internet Explorer. However, I've discovered that swapping to Mozilla Firefox rather than Safari on the mac usually makes most things work. The mail merge is the only thing I've come across so far that doesn't.


So try Mozilla Firefox.



The biggest issue for us is the ability to be able to sync contact groups from the Apple address book. I have personal addresses in my address book that I'd prefer not to share with my sales team..

Our Salesforce Certified Riva Integration Server is now fully compatible with Mac Entourage and Mac OS X native Mail, iCal and Address Book and Hosted or On-premise Exchange:




Because Riva provides transparent server-side synchronization directly between Salesforce and Exchange, there are no Outlook plug-in dependencies.  Riva provides full integration with all Exchange clients running on all desktop and mobile operating systems including Outlook, Outlook Web Access, Terminal Services, Mac Entourage, Mac OS X Mail, iCal, Address Book, BlackBerry, iPhone and ActiveSync mobile devices.


And if you have a limited number of Mac users to sync, you can access Riva Live in the Cloud:



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