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Asset management and barcodes



We are a mid-size, media arts non-profit and a Mac house. We want to begin barcoding our equipment and managing/tracking the equipment in S/F. Does anyone have any experience using the resource management feature along with barcodes. 


Specifically, we are interested in barcoding equipment with pre-made bar codes and then using a basic bar-code scanner to scan the item in and out of S/F. 


I know there are enterprise warehouse management tools out there, but we need something way less complicated for simple tracking. Thanks!!!


Hi Jenno,


We have a very flexible barcode solution for the iPhone - meaning you can actually use any iPhone as the scanner (or multiple iPhones for that matter). Barcode generation can be tailored to your needs. Happy to chat about your requirements and see if there's a fit!






Hi Lars, 

Where can we get this from?  I am also interested


Hi. I'm doing SFDC work for a small shop with a problem similar to the one mentioned above. I'd like to find out more about the item that Lars mentions.