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Any iPhone Developers here?



Are there any iPhone Developers here?

I'm having a great deal of difficulty understanding the combinations of all the SF programs, licenses, fees, restrictions, and editions.

I have opened a case in the partner portal a week ago but have heard nothing.


I'd really appreciate a candid discussion with someone who is/ is trying to get an iPhone application to market.

This is a commercial app not a free app!!




off list --  sales [at] whopaste [dot] com


Hi SteveInAusten,


I am not building an iPhone app, I work for salesforce.com.  We are working on native toolkit for the iPhone SDK to simplify the web services API for Force.com.


I can't really provide concrete input to the questions that you are having around the different licenses and product levels. I can suggest that you broaden your audience for the query to anyone who is developing a "client" based app.  This would include Adobe AIR/Flex developers, PHP or event EC2 (although I haven't seen many on either of the last two platforms).


Cheers and best wishes.


Hi Steve,


I'm part of the technical enablement group that works with partners who want to develop commercial apps with Force.com. It sounds like you need some general info on how to get started. I'll contact you via email so we can discuss off list.




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