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Permission denied for c.cs1.visual.force.com to get property Window.document from cs1.salesforce.com


I want to pass data from visual force page to parent page. I am opening VF into popup window.
When I am trying to put data in parent page using javascript window.opener statement, I am getting following error.

Permission denied for <https://c.cs1.visual.force.com> to get property Window.document from <https://cs1.salesforce.com>

Please help!

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As of 2 releases ago, Visual force pages are served from a different domain (c.na.visual.force.com) and your standard pages are hosted in "na6.salesforce.com" and basic browser security will not allow you to access javascript across domains. 

So then how to replace s-control with visual force with such a big drow back and SalesForce is going to stop supporting s-control sometime after january 2010.


Moderator please guide!

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Chirag MehtaChirag Mehta



Same here, I am also facing the same issue.


Did anyone find a solution for this cross server issue.




Any Solution?



Chirag MehtaChirag Mehta
No, Me too waiting from salesforce community or administrators to hear something on above ....

Was this issue ever resolved?


Can a moderator please advise as to a workaround for the cross-domain scripting issues ...




So, not yet, but it has been suggested on ideaExchange. Make sure you vote for it.

Alpesh Patel 16Alpesh Patel 16
Any update on this issue ?