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Problem with using greater than sign in conditions

There is a problem in using ">" sign in the if conditions. 

Here the sample code.


I  have created a empty component 


<!------- myComponent ------------>
<apex:componentBody />



and code of the visualforce page 


<apex:page renderAs="html" showheader="false">
 <apex:outputText rendered="{!(3>2)}" />




Following error occurs when I'm trying to save the page.


Error: The element type "apex:componentReference" must be terminated by the matching end-tag "</apex:componentReference>"


But when I close the "apex:outputText" tag as </apex:outputText>

Instead of self closing page does not show any error. 



<apex:page renderAs="html" showheader="false">

 <apex:outputText rendered="{!(3>2)}"></apex:outputText>



Can you explain this behavior ? 





Message Edited by Chamiz on 08-31-2009 10:00 PM

Try this


<apex:page > <apex:outputText value="Hello world!" rendered="{!(3>2)}" escape="false" ></apex:outputText> </apex:page>








<apex:outputText rendered="{!(2<3)}"></apex:outputText>




When <apex:outputText> tag close using </apex:outputText> it woks fine. But when I use self close to end the tag it shows above mentioned error. I want you to expalin this behavior. 



Your first VF page with the error is missing this tag </c:myComponent>

In your second VF page you have have that tag and the page works.


You can have the pair <c:myComponent> XXXXXXXX </c:myComponent>

OR self closing <c:myComponent/>


But you cannot have just <c:myComponent> on its own.





Sorry <c:myComponent> closing tag is there in my first page. Thats not the reason.