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Issue with viewing Attachment in VF screen in IE

Hello Friends,


I am facing a strange issue with opening attachments from a custom VF screen in IE.


It's working fine in Mozilla(Firefox) but giving me nightmares in IE :(


Code is pasted below:


<apex:outputLink onclick="window.open('https://cs2.salesforce.com/servlet/servlet.FileDownload?file={!act.CostAttachmentId}','Attachments');" rendered="{!IF(act.CostAttachmentId <> null,true,false)}"> View</apex:outputLink>


Its running fine in Mozilla(FireFox) but somehow, in IE the link of the main VF page gets broken when this new window is opened.


I have no clue as to why is this happening :(


Can anyone please help me out??




Vipin  PulinholyVipin Pulinholy

Hi ,


did you get a solution for this. I do have this same issue



Vipin  PulinholyVipin Pulinholy
Giving value="#" will solve this issue.