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actionRegion to partition validation blocks?

I have a problem which I think is simple but for some reason is eluding me. Here's the setup: I have two pageBlocks on the same VF page, but they are independent from each other, meaning user can fill either one or another and save one or another, not both. However both blocks have their own mandatory fields and each block has its own save button which fires up an extension method. 


The problem: button in one block always fires the validation for the entire page, regardless of where I put the actionRegion, thus preventing me from submiting jsut a portion I need (which is valid). I tried embedding the whole pageblocks in action regions, it didnt work, i tried just the sections, still no game. It seems like actionRegion has zero influence on the commandButton. Do keep in mind that I have to submit the page block data on button so immediate=true wont cut it. 




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Have you tried 2 forms, one for each pageBlock ?


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I am trying to avoid multiple form tags as each brings a lot of overhead to the page (I remmember reading something about it in one of moderators' posts), action regions would be a much nicer touch. 
Can you post your code?  Use the "C" clipboard button on the editor to format.