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Please help!!! Want to create a table

Hi all. 


Unfortunately I have no background in java or any other language and am finding the force.com cookbook a little beyond my scope.


I am trying to take a matrix report and make it visible in a Dashboard.  1) is this possible? 2) can anyone offer some advice on how to start this?


Thanks so much

Leslie  :smileyhappy:

Juan Pablo GarzónJuan Pablo Garzón

You can put the report in Visualforce page using the iframe component. First, you need to create a report or dahsboard in Salesforce.com and you should copy a URL, for example http://na5.salesforce.com/00N80000003WJIU. Second, you put this URL in your Visualforce page, for example <apex:iframe src="http://na5.salesforce.com/00N80000003WJIU" scrolling="true">


I hope to solve your question.


Hi Leslie


Yes you can create a dashboard using a matrxi report.

First Create a matrix report. Then create a new dashboard. After creating a dashboard save it. U will get a screen where there will be option like Add component. Click on this and u will get a screen



Step 1: Component Settings


Step 2: Source Report:  In this select the custom report u created.


It will show in ur dashboard


I hope it work.

Thanks. Is there a way to show just the report and not the full page?  What about right to left scrolling?