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Message Format currency shows incorrect symbol

I am currently looking at the message format feature on an outputText and noticed some problems:



<apex:outputText value="On {0, Date} there {1, Choice, 0#were no employees|1#was one employee|1<were {1, Number, Currency} employees}"> <apex:param value="{!Account.CreatedDate}" />

<apex:param value="{!Account.NumberOfEmployees}" />



 This results in the output 'On May 21, 2009 there were $5.00 employees'.  My currency/locale is set to English (United Kingdom) so I was expecting the pound symbol (£)  


Any ideas on how I can get what I want without resorting to creating my own pattern (since I'd like to use it for multi currency orgs)?

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Unfortunately I don't have an answer but I wanted to ask where you found out about those funky param functions? They look pretty useful.




There was a post about it floating around these developer boards somewhere.  I'd throw in a link right now but I can't find it - here's a link to the Java docs about it though : Link.  They do seem pretty useful, mostly for Date formatting I think, I was just messing around to see what else I could do.  :)



Cheers mate.
Ron WildRon Wild

I'm seeing the same behavior.  The Salesforce currency locale setting appears to have no bearing on the locale expressed with the Java messageFormat notation.