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Shwetal DesaiShwetal Desai 

Javascript within VF Page not working after trasnfer of application in Partner Developer Login

I have transfered my application with code into Partner Developer login through copy-paste method in ECLIPSE.
Now in Partner Developer Login for my user i did not enable "Developer Mode" and i m doing testing of all functionalities i have developed by inserting records in each custom objects.
The maximum Errors i found is of Javascript events of all APEX components provided by salesforce,
In most of the forms my OnClick, OnComplete events are not working.
I have used window.parent.location.href='{!$Page.<vfpage>}'; code on onclick event of COmmandButton as well as CommandLink, now those all code not working in Partner Developer Login.
What could be the reason??
It put me a very big tension
Please help me.
Message Edited by Shwetal Desai on 07-20-2009 10:30 PM

Why you are using this in a VF page window.parent.location.href='{!$Page.<vfpage>}';  you can use page reference concept. JavaScript problem probably the component id parameters changed so get it in runtime and paste and save it. It will work fine




Shwetal DesaiShwetal Desai

Thanks for the Reply,


But my question/problem is., to redirect the page i m using two ways

1). Page Reference

2). onClick javascript+apex code(formula)


in my most of the VF pages i do not have any controller/extension. just to redirect on another page i have to create  Controller/Extension. Now to eliminate the need of extra custom coding i used the following way:


I wrote the code on Onclick event of CommandButton / CommandLink,




window.parent.location.href = "{!URLFOR($Action.<customObject__c.Tab>,$ObjectType.<cutomObject__c>)}";


This type of code is working perfectly in my normal developer login where i have enabled "Development Mode" On for my Users, This Developer ORG providing only two active users.


Now, as i need more users, I have shifted my entire application to Partner Developer ORG.

and in this ORG i havent enabled / ON the "Development Mode" for any of my users.

We are doing testing of the application.

and in this ORG for my application none of the code (as i describe above) working.

none of my vf page getting redirected to another vfpage or even to another standard page.


Please guide me through this problem.


What could be the reason??

where I m doing mistake?

Is it necessary to enable Development Mode to  make all javascript Events of all components provided by salesforce to work perfectly?