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Getting "INVALID_LOGIN" error with Soql Xplorer, and Trapdoor on multiple orgs

I am trying to log into both my personal developer org, as well a client's Sandbox and getting the "INVALID_LOGIN: Invalid username, password, security token, or user is locked out."


In both conditions, the following is true:

1) I can log in manually (ie, my password works, no need for security token, and I'm not locked out)

2) I'm pointing the Server drop down to the correct instance in each case (prod, or sandbox)

3) I am a system administrator profile (API access is enabled)

4) my password isn't anything terribly wacky: just letters and numbers


Is there something I'm missing?




You probably need to use your API security token.


What a fantastic suggestion.  Thank you Mr. Fell, you win the prize.


For those that may have been running into a similar issue and are unfamiliar with how to use the security token:


1) log into the salesforce org you're working with

2) go to setup > my personal information > reset security token

3) copy the security token found in the email and append it to the end of your password