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DanielJimenezDanielJimenez "mailbundle" for Service Cloud

Hello fellow Mac users!

I am wrapping up the first version of a "mailbundle" (aka plugin) for Apple Mail 5.0+ (Lion) for use with SalesForce as a replacement for / in addition to email-to-case.

Most in our company have already moved to Macs and we constantly find ourselves forwarding emails to SalesForce using email-to-case. Tired of losing attachments, pasting ref:blahblah:ref every where so it wouldn't get truncated and seeing incorrect to/from information in SalesForce; I began building the bundle in my spare time about a month ago.

The bundle is built with Simon Fell's excellent zkSforce library (hat tip), a lot of patience, googling and time with a debugger attached to Mail.App (this stuff ain't documented!). Currently it allows you to append an email to an existing case (as an EmailMessage, not an activity) by searching for the case in a manner similar to MailDrop. However before prompting you to search, the bundle looks in the subject and body for the ref: code and only ref: codes for your org! if found the bundle will automatically locate the case without the need to do a search! Additionally it properly grabs both the text/plain and text/html bodes and includes them in the EmailMessage.

I'm making this post to gauge public interest in the bundle (if there is any). I have been using it daily now and hope to get our support team using it as we roll out Lion. I've long been a fan of bundles like "MailFollowUp" (, which is why I decided to go with a mail bundle; I wanted the tighter integration with than is possible via another app.

Hope to hear some feedback!

Well, this sounds very interesting !  :smileytongue:


If you have a pointer towards more info (features, screenshots, app, beta), I would be very interested : as a Salesforce partner and user on Macs, we would really like to have something this useful.



Hello, if interested... try the URL below. Remember, this is only useful if you're on Lion and for logging emails to cases only.
I've decided to open source this project, hope others can add onto it, should be fairly easy.

A great gesture, Daniel, thanks from all of us.

I will certainly have a look.


BTW, does it work for Snow Leopard 10.6 ?

Do you have links to executables ?






As it turns out no, it does not work with 10.6. Apple changed quite a bit between 10.6 and 10.7. It maybe easy to backport, not sure. 


Also see above for the binary downloads! They are in my dropbox.




This is really great - how hard do you think it would be to associate emails with Pipelines instead of cases (we dont use cases as we are investors and we need to create pipelines for each investment opportunity)