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TextMate plug in: does it work on the "E" editor for windows

Hi Simon,


First off, thanks for creating the APEXmate plug-in.  It saved our bacon today.


Unforunately, it only seems to run on the real TextMate.  The guys who produce the E texteditor claim that it runs "most" if not all plugins...but I couldn't get yours to work.  When I ask it to log in, nothing shows up...and since I can't login, nothing else works.


Any clues?


You might ask "why do I care?"  There appears to be a new behavior in the Eclipse editor, where it will no longer do emergency patches into a production org.  You have to run-all-tests just like a deployment.  Problem is, my client has an org that's so messed up that (1) run-all-tests takes hours to complete and when it does (2) it throws errors generated by a managed package.  We can't even deploy a one-line system.debug statement to see what's really blowing up!

In the old days, eclipse let you save-to-production just by running YOUR tests, not everybody else's drek.  The SFDC ANT plugin now makes you do the run-all-tests dance as well.   


So the only way to do this now is for me to bother my Mac friends and get them to use Textmate to do the emergency fixes.  As annoying for them as it is for they taunt me that I should just break down and get a mac.


Sorry for the diatribe, but I hope it adds some local color.


thanks in advance for any tips except "just buy a Mac"


The plugin uses a native OSX executable as a helper, so it'll only work on a mac. You might try the mavensmate plugin as i beleive that uses ruby, so you might be able to get it to run on windows.


Also, the plugin calls the public apex API, so you could build your own windows tool for saving classes.


Hmmmmm, this might be very do-able with the VBA toolkit for APEX (the Office toolkit). Is the basic sequence:

  • Log in, set up session
  • Load source file into the local object model
  • Send the source text to SFDC with the compile request

The only thing I think I'd need help with is that last bullet:  do you have a code sample of how you send the source over?  I can see the APEX Class and APEX Trigger objects, and I can see how to grab the source and update it...but i don't see how to actually tell the system to compile it from the VBA.




The office toolkit doesn't support the Apex API. Your best bet would be to import the Apex API WSDL into .NET and write it in C# or VB.NET.



SimonF wrote:

The plugin uses a native OSX executable as a helper, so it'll only work on a mac. You might try the mavensmate plugin as i beleive that uses ruby, so you might be able to get it to run on windows.

Hi Simon,


Following up on this, I went and got an old mac and brought it up to snuff on OSX 10.4 ... but it's a PPC, and the bundle I downloaded for your plugin appears not to run on PPC, even though TextMate happily does.


Any chance that you ever had a PPC version of your plug in?  Or is there some compatibility library I could add??  Or is the answer here "get an INTEL mac..."


Sorry to be such a newbie on this topic, but I'm not a Mac person and your plug-in appears to be the only way around our tactical problem of code patching.


Thanks in advance for any info you can provide.


SuperfellSuperfell is the oldest version i have, i have no idea if it'll run on PPC 10.4. It is open source, so you might be able to rebuild it for 10.4, but it quite possibly is using language and compiler features from 10.5, so it won't be a simple recompile.


The plugin just calls the apex web services API, you can code up calls to that from other environments, (would be easy to do from c# on windows for example)


Thanks, Simon, for the quick follow up.


The version you pointed to is the version I installed, and it produces an error message indicating it didn't like the CPU type.


So, I guess there isn't a PPC strategy available...just have to find an Intel mac....


As an update...I did just buy a mac.  Look here for follow-up question...