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tab order

is there a way to have the Tab Keystroke move Down instead of to the Right in VisualForce?
In this thread, Ron Hess says that inputFields have a taborder attribute that you can set to completely determine the tab order. It is not documented, and I have not tried it. Please let us know if this works!

this it for InputText and i need it for InputField primarily.


I tried it for InputText and it did not work for me.


We've been struggling with this also.  We did try converting everything to inputtext, but you lose a lot in terms of validation and markup that way.


The behaviour is to tab through the columns in the pageblocksection, thus if you want to drop down, I think you will need to have two pageblocksections side by side, perhaps inside an HTML table.

try tabindex instead of taborder

Tabindex is the attribute for specifying the tab order on inputText, inputTextArea etc.


This is not a supported attribute for inputField, so doesn't help I'm afraid.


Interestingly, when defining a page layout in standard salesforce, you can specify that it tabs across columns rather than down columns.  Shame this hasn't been exposed via VF.


I'd like to say "Please tell me you're kidding me" except I've done my testing and I can see that you're right -- there is no apparent way to set the tabindex on an inputField with Visualforce.


This is such a fundamental, basic, and obvious requirement for page layout in any markup language ... I'm frankly shocked.


Please, please, please -- someone out there must have a solution for this ... otherwise, I am going to have to tell my customer that I just wasted a whole lot of their money on a set of VF pages they can't actually use.




P.S. Switching everything to inputText fields is not a viable option.


I have a hack here:


Best, Steve.


What is the latest status on this? I am trying to achieve tab order for input fields