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(Flex & Maps) Will I need separate Google map API key for each SFDC Server?!

I've got a Flex 3 SWF stored as a static resource that displays a map in a VF page.


For  my developer org I create a Google Maps API key for the following URL:https://c.na6.visual.force.com

and the SWF works as I expect it to.


When I create a package, upload it and then install it in a Force.com Free Edition, I get the following error from Flex:


"Initialization failed: please check the API key,
swf location, version and network availability."


Viewieg the page source of the VF page running on the Free Edition, I see that the SWF is served by: https://c.na7.visual.force.com so I created a different API key for this URL (create package, upload, etc) Now SWF generates the same error in my (na6) Developer org, but runs as it should in the (na7) Free Edition.


So my questions are these:


Since this app is destined for the AppExchange will I have to build a different SWF/package (each with its own map API key) for each of salesforces 16 servers, or is there a generic URL that will resolve correctly regardless of the saleforce instance serving the SWF?



Are all Force.com Free Editions served by na7?