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VF page leaves a blank space in standard page layout when "rendered=false"

I've created a VF page to replace an S-control that I embed in a regular page (i.e. by adding it to the page layout in the normal fashion). It displays correctly.


I pass a boolean to the "rendered" attribute of the VF page. When rendered=false,  the VF page does not display (as expected) but it leaves a blank area in the page layout


Is there a way to 'not render' the VF page in a way that will recover the screen real-estate rather than leaving a conspicuous blank region? The VF page renders a video clip so the blank region is sizeable

I noticed this as well (hidden page items are created in the HTML), when you use a page without pageblocks. Using pageblock, pageblocksection etc. it seems to be solved.
Message Edited by Harmpie on 04-21-2009 08:07 AM