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outputfield attribute title not working

Per the Developers guide:



The text displayed next to the output field, in addition to the field's label.


This attribute doesn't show up in my VF page.  


<apex:outputField value="{!myObject.myfield__c}" label="Hey, where does htis go?"/>


I want to add additional info to the label for this VF page, but not sure how to get it to show up where I want OR replace the label I have on the field.  Any ideas?





Sorry, I've asked to have this doc fixed before, I'll ask again.  Title is a tooltip, per HTML:


Are you using outputField within pageBlockSection so that it automatically generates your label?  If not, you can use $ObjectType to get the field's label, or you can just put whatever text next to your field.  If you are using pageBlockSection and you want control over the label, check out pageBlockSectionItem.


Sorry, I meant to say "Title" in my code (label doesn't work).


Either way, I don't get a tool tip to show.  Should it show with a "?" image as in standard pages?


I am using it within a pageblock section.  I'll try what you suggested below.


Jill, thank you...This is what I wanted:


<apex:pageBlockSectionItem> <apex:outputLabel value="Account Name" for="account__name"/> <apex:outputFiled value="{!}" id="account__name"/> </apex:pageBlockSectionItem>





Not tooltip in the field level help sense.  Tooltip in the HTML sense (see the link I posted earlier).  If you hovered over the field it should pop up.


Anyway I realize that's not what you actually needed.  Glad you got it working :)

Venkat PolisettiVenkat Polisetti

<apex:page standardController="Account">
    <apex:pageBlock title="My Content">
         <apex:pageBlockTable value="{!account.Contacts}" var="item">
                   <apex:column title="Contact name" value="{!}"/>
                    <apex:column title="Contact Phone" value="{!}"/>


Look at the code snippet above. It does not display the tooltip image (?) anywhere on the table. The description for the title attribute on apex:column documentation says "The text to display as a tooltip when the user's mouse pointer hovers over this component".


Eitther the documenation is wrong or am I missing some thing here?



Venkat Polisett