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how to display text in French language for outputLabel

hi Friends,

 i have n output label in which i need to show text scripted in French. i have tried changing the page language and also the user language, but it changes everything that is rendered outside my page.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


example: an output label displaying " interêt" is not getting the desired text.


Can you give an example on how you use outputLabel?


I didn't get the issue you are mentioning when I tried to use outputLabel in this way:


<apex:outputLabel value="interêt"/>




when i am using the tag as

<apex:outputLabel value="interêt "/>

i want the "ê" as it is... but when i am saving my page, it converts the "ê" in some form of encrypted language.


and the output of my page is shown as:


"intert"... dropping the "ê"


What's the encoding set on your browser? I tried the code in several languages, but I wasn't able to see the ê been dropped.


Another way is to try the using html code to display the ê.

<apex:outputLabel value="inter&#234;t " escape="false"/>