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Between pages use JavaScript to slipping

I have a process consits of 4 steps. Between pages I want to use javascript to slipping to make more spectacular, imperssive view. I tried use mootools (and jquery), but it didn't work. I tried use the javascript code onto some place (for example: body onLoad). Unforunately SalesForce use a lot of javascript too and I have no idea how to solve this problem.

If anybody has a good idea, please tell me.


Can you explain what you mean by javascript to slipping?  


You can't use body.onload if you are using standard salesforce headers. 


Slipping means: The content arrives from the left side of the screen and leaves on the right side. Or the content comes in from the top of the page and it leaves on bottom.

For example check this site:

it's a hungarian website, so probably you don'tunderstand the words, but if you navigate and click somewhere on the menu (left side of the page) you can see the contect come from the bottom of the page.


I see.  So you've got some javascript that needs to run as soon as the page is loaded.


As I said above, you can't use onload if you are using standard salesforce headers.  The best advice thus far is to add the javascript at the bottom of the page, but the problem there is that you will have rendered the page before displaying this.


Do you have to use standard salesforce headers


I think I don't need the standards salesforce header.

Tell the truth I don't find any code on the internet that do I want :(

Are you looking for code that will do this then, or help with code that should do it but doesn't work?
I"m not good at JavaScript, so I rather want a code that I will built in my apex code.