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How to override pageBlock style



Actually i am trying to edit a pagelayout and filling one of the section with VF page.


The VF page has <apex:pageBlock> elememt. Beacuse of this i am getting pageborder to this page.


So what is the css or solution to remove this pageborder without removing the <apex:pageblock> element from page.




Firebug is my go to tool for inspecting CSS and experimenting with overriding styles, I would try that.  PageBlock is essentially a series of divs with different CSS classes applied to them.  If you inspect those areas with Firebug you'll be able to see the class definitions that give them their border and override those specific styles with your own styleclass.

Ok through firebug we will able to find the class. But there is attrubute styleClass in <apex:pageBlock> and there will be an error 


  Error: Unsupported attribute styleclass in <apex:pageBlock> 


So what is the way we can do it.....