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How to redirect a user to related list section of view page automatically.

I have a custom button that does some basic logic and then returns the user to the contract view page.  It puts the user at the top of the contract page but i would like if it can make the page load right at the related list section.  (An example of how this works is when you go to a wikipeida page and click on a Table of contents hyperlink).


Does anyone know how you can do this?  (maybe with the hash # symbol)


There's been a couple of threads around this in the last 2-3 weeks.  From memory, I don't think this is possible.  There is a setAnchor method on PageReference that shoud do this, but I'm sure one thread was about how this didn't work.


I can't find any hits when searching for this though, so I can't point you at a thread.  Maybe this will be fixed in Spring 10. 




I have same problem.. I need to show the bottom of a page, after the command button action is done. Can anyone help? Its really urgent