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font trouble on email template when editing with mac/chrome

I recently created a template and set up a workflow to send it under certain criteria.  When I asked the user to test it, she complained that the fonts were wonky.  They had looked fine to me but the forwarded email was undeniable.  What I determined is that if I edited the template on mac/chrome, the resulting email looked fine in Mac/Outlook but not Windows/Outlook.  But if I edited the template on Windows/Chrome, the resulting email looked fine on both.


FYI, on the Mac I was copying the text in from TextWrangler (I also tried Fraise) both are plain text editors.  I also selected all the text in the SFDC editor and set the font and size after the fact.  No combination of those actions fixed the problem.  On Windows, I copied the text from the Notepad++ editor.


Screenshots are below.  Has anyone seen this?  Maybe even found a workaround?  TIA!


BTW, the Lead first name is a play off a joke from the TV show "New Girl," I'm not trying to be insensitive.  Also, if there is are Admin boards where this would be appropriate please let me know.


Mac version - wonky fonts



Windows version - consistant fonts