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James (CloudAnswers)James (CloudAnswers) 

LexiLoader Exited with code: 1

On a newly installed 10.8 mac, I'm trying to run LexiLoader but it quits immediately upon start.  No window is shows, the icon appears in the doc and then goes away within 1 second.  Here is what happens in the console:


From v26:

2/6/13 11:24:50.914 AM[217]: ([0x0-0x8a08a].com.pocketsoap.LexiLoader[624]) Exited with code: 1


From v27:

2/6/13 11:26:32.417 AM[217]: ([0x0-0x90090].com.pocketsoap.LexiLoader[640]) Exited with code: 1


Java is installed, all updates are installed, Eclipse and PyCharm run fine (maybe not a java problem), security setting for running entrusted apps is set to the lowest setting.


The MD5 is not listed for the downloads, so I can't confirm if I have a good copy of them.  Can anyone list the MD5 of either v26 or v27 here?

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James (CloudAnswers)James (CloudAnswers)

Here's the line that's causing it:



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James (CloudAnswers)James (CloudAnswers)

Found the problem, but first the story of how I got there so this post catches anyone else encountering the same error because this took me a long time to troubleshoot:


Downloaded and ran on another computer without issues. The other computer had the same os verion and similar software installed.


Did verify disk permissions in disk utility.


Found out about a quarentine bug, which lexiloader was stamped with a quarantine flag and remove it with this (sudo because JavaApplicationStub is read only for user):
sudo xattr -r -d LexiLoader*


Tried turning off the quarantine system all together:
defaults write LSQuarantine -bool NO


Turned security in System Preference > Security > Allow Applications Downloaded from:
to "Anywhere"


Tried downloading and running from guest account.


Open from terminal to see if I can get more feedback:

$ open
LSOpenURLsWithRole() failed with error -10810 for the file /Users/jsullivan/Downloads/


Open the actual app within the app bundle:
$ /Users/jsullivan/Downloads/ ; exit;
[LaunchRunner Error] The main class "com.salesforce.dataloader.process.DataLoaderRunner" could not be found.
[JavaAppLauncher Error] CallStaticVoidMethod() threw an exception
Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NullPointerException
at apple.launcher.LaunchRunner.callMain(
at apple.launcher.JavaApplicationLauncher.launch(


So I dug around the plist for the app, and realized that Simon may be using a case insensitive filesystem and these paths may not be the right cases...  I created a DMG with a case insensitive filesystem and put the app in there... and it launched.


That was painful and time consuming, but that's the problem. I run a case sensitive filesystem because I find weirdness with some python and ruby packages and nfs mounts...


The work-aroudn is to run the app from a case insensitive dmg.



Wow good sluething, don't think i ever would of found that. I'll update the download version, thanks.



James (CloudAnswers)James (CloudAnswers)

Here's the line that's causing it:



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James (CloudAnswers)James (CloudAnswers)

If LexiLoader was on Github I would have done a pull request.  You have other projects on Github, why not this one?


Also, I'm in SF end of Feb and would like to buy you a beer for maintaining LexiLoader (or coffee or whatever) if you're down.


There never seemed enough there to bother putting on github. (its just a repackaging of the jar from the windows version, and is mostly binaries). What I want to do if i ever get time, is update the ant script in the source data loader repo so that it can generate the mac packaged version as well.


I should be around at the end of feb, although i'm ususually only in the SF office once or twice a week, be more than happy to grab a beer or coffee if we can make it work.


I was able to reproduce the problem by running the app from a case sensitive dmg, i fixed the plist and uploaded a new version.