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Error message for standardStyleSheets

I'm just getting started with Visual force and am following exactly the steps in the HelloWorld demo that they just did in the Webinar...
But when I go to turn off standardStyleSheets 
<apex:page standardStyleSheets="false">
I get the following error message:
Error: Unsupported attribute standardstylesheets in <apex:page>
Am I crazy?

You're not crazy - but you are trying to use a feature that was only added to Winter '08 about a week ago and will be available when that release is deployed.

Thanks Doug!

do you mean just the standardStyleSheets attribute or the whole VisualForce piece?  I am able (in my Developer Instance) to do other things with VisualForce?

Also. I know that they are going to start enabling Winter '08 in the Sandbox environment as early as next week.  Will that be as fully functional as the Prodcution release which I think is scheduled for Nov 10th or so?




Mike -

Just the standardStyleSheets attribute!

The functionality in Sandbox will be identical to the production deployment of Winter '08 w.r.t. visualforce (that may not be true of everything in salesforce of course).

Remember, however, that visualforce is in developer preview in winter '08 which still means for developer edition accounts only.