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Think I found a bug in the standardSetController



Had a quick look through the forum and couldn't see anything in relation to this so thought I would post to see if anyone else is having this issue.


Im working in a Sandbox and trying to work with a list view.

Im finding that I'm getting really strange results depending on the Filter Criteria selected.


My findings are:


  • If criteria is Created Date equals 'Some Date', regardless of the what the list view shows the setcontroller, getRecords() returns 0.  ie I have a list with 900+ records it returns 0.
  • If criteria is Created Date is less then 'Some Date',  for large lists the getRecords() returns same number as list.
  • If Criteria is Created Date equals 'Some Date', for a list of 12 it returns 14 values (2 extra that don't meet the lists criteria), BUT for large value lists like over 1000+ returns correct values....Strange!

Pretty strange right!


So I'm thinking is it a sandbox issue, or is it something to do with created date and localization?? I mean I'm based in the UK is there a chance that the list view accounts but code does not? I wouldn't think so but out of ideas in regards to it.


Thanks in advance for any replys.