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Visualforce Email Template - Suggested Solutions



I am looking into a way to create a Visualforce Email template to use for our Case auto-response.  What I'd like to be able to do is print a list of Suggested Solutions.


I know I can print the related list of Solutions with the code below.  However, I would like to print a list of Suggested Solutions, since when the case is opened, the Solutions will not be defined yet.




<messaging:emailTemplate subject="Your Case Has Been Opened" recipientType="Contact" relatedToType="Case"> <messaging:htmlEmailBody > (some unrelated html tabs / messaging) <table border="0" > <tr> <th>Solution Number</th> <th>Solution Name</th> </tr> <apex:repeat var="cx" value="{!relatedTo.CaseSolutions}"> <tr> <td><a href = "https://na1.salesforce.com/{!cx.SolutionId}">{!cx.Solution.SolutionNumber} </a></td> <td>{!cx.Solution.SolutionName}</td> </tr> </apex:repeat> </table> (some unrelated html tabs / messaging) </messaging:htmlEmailBody> </messaging:emailTemplate>




Maybe a time based workflow to sent this mail?

Thanks for the response GoodGroove;  however, the issue is not about timing; its about automating the Suggested Solutions to appear (rather than having to manually link cases to solutions).



I would love to know how to accomplish this as well.

Was anyone able to achieve this?

I'm trying to achieve the same...