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Use of iFrames within Composite VF App

Does anyone have first hand experience with displaying behind the firewall applications in a VF iframe? - e.g. parent frame contains a customer account id in ntaive SFDC object and passes to an iframe that calls the internal billing system.


What are the Pros/ Cons from a performance, security, and UI design standpoint?


Thanks in advance for your feedback

David VPDavid VP

This 'Mashup' principle is used by quite a lot of salesforce customers.


Performance : no real impact, the framed page will typically render fast because it's coming from the internal network and it won't make the actual salesforce page faster or slower.

Security : the data in the iframe never leaves your internal network, so the security should be ok. You'll also need to be connected via VPN to your network if your users want to see the data when they're not on the corporate network.

UI design : iframes can sometimes need scrollbars if their content lenght is variable. It's your call if your users can live with this or not.