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"Inheriting" from a standard Salesforce page



I am working on an e-signature project for my company, which requires some additional user input after uploading a document. Ideally, I would like the user to go through another step following the upload, without using a new form other than the standard Document Upload form.


My questions:

1. Is it possible to derive a new form from a standard form (in this case, the one you get when you click the 'New' button while in the 'Documents' tab), retain the functionality but add something to the HTML form (in this case, another inputField and a button).

2. Is it possible to replace the standard controller with a custom one, and associate it with the original Salesforce page - for instance, is it possible to extend the standardController "Document" and use this extension in either the standrd form for the document object, or if the answer to my first question is YES, for this new page.