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Error when saving parent account

Hi all,


I am currently trying to create a new VisualForce page that handles the creation of Accounts and Contacts. I have got the field "Parent Account" which I display by using:



<apex:inputField value="{!account.Parent}" required="true"/>


behind this is the Apex code:



public Account account { get { return accAccount; } set { accAccount = value; } }


 for some reason when I try to save the Account by using:


upsert accAccount;


 I get the error:



Error: j_id0:j_id1:j_id3:j_id4:j_id13:j_id16: An error occurred when processing your submitted information.


 appear next to the Parent Account field. Does anyone know what might cause this error and how it could be resolved?









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Hi again,


I have just been doing some testing and it appears that I need to use account.ParentId rather than account.Parent on my VisualForce page. Strange that the error is so unhelpful!


Hope this helps anyone else having this problem