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"Standard" customer portal license for Sites?

Hello all:


I'm trying to get together a succinct article on how to set up authenticated access to Force.com Sites. The standard article from SFDC on this is quite good, but I think I can shed some additional light. That is, if I can get some questions answered :-)


Sites authentication uses Customer Portal licenses. It would appear from my experiments that the "default" customer portal license is called "Customer Portal Manager Standard." When I enable Customer Portal and Sites in a production org, this is what I get sold (when I buy licenses and don't ask for anything special).


Am I right in thinking this is somehow the "default" customer portal license? And is there a comprehensive list of portal license types, customer and/or partner, anywhere?


Thanks for any guidance on this.


You can authenticate a Partner Portal user license from a Site; not just customer portal. Only Customer Portal supports self-registration though.


In terms of license types, the different license types for both Partner and Customer Portal are available in the online help (search for 'license types').