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Phone type field on a VF page not acting the same for English and French Users

We have created a VF that contains a phone field. When an english user (user whose language has been set in Salesforce as English) types in the phone #, it formats properly, (999) 999-9999.


When a French user (user whose language has been set in Salesforce as French) types in a phone #, it remains in pure text form, 9999999999.


Why would the field react differently based on the language setting of the user?


If the user's locale is US, salesforce will do some phone formatting, as you have discovered.  IIRC, if the locale is not US, salesforce doesn't bother trying to format the phone number.


There is a distinction between Language and Locale.  I think locale is what drives the formatting.  Check the User record values for these fields. 

Even for our english users, it is set to Canada, not US, and it formats properly.  The french users locale is French (Canada). Would it format differently for a French (Canada) user?