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IRC Channel?

Might there be an IRC channel where Visualforce and/or APEX developers gather to chat?


If not, are there others interested in starting one?


ditto -- mod ++1 

Hi all, 


I'm going to start idling on #salesforce-dev, on the irc.freenode.net server. It would be great if others do, too. 




Server: irc.freenode.net

Channel: #salesforce-dev




Colloquy (OSX) - http://colloquy.info/downloads.html

MIRC (PC) - http://www.mirc.com/


Web-based (Java) - http://java.freenode.net/




It would be great if word of the IRC support channel was spread further, and if others would join/idle if the channel were empty. Ideally, SF developer staff might like to join and converse with individuals seeking support - although it happens here in the forums, additional interaction might be great. 




I think this is a great idea.  Nobody seems to be in this channel but I'll idle for a bit, maybe it'll pick up eventually?

I've made some effort to promote the channel this year, and we've picked up some regular members.  Still looking to build a community around it.  Currently there are around 4-5 people hanging around at any given time.  Also, we moved to #salesforce and ditched the -dev.  Still on freenode.  Come check us out.