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showing parent accounts and children

I use the linkage parent acocunt to link subsidiaries of companies -


when I view my account records I want to setup a visual force page that shows - just the view hieracrcy command works in an account but want to do this for all acocunts in a nice visualforce page.


parent 1

        sub 1

        sub 2

        sub 3

parent 2

       sub 4

       sub 5

       sub 6


i can do this in a report featues by - grouping by parent account.


but how do i do this in visualforce?


I was thinking my first step would get the parent name from the kids -

so I i can get the parent id from a sosl query but then don't know what to do with it - parents ahve more than one kid.


any suggestions?




Inline Account Hierarchy View screenshots

The Inline Account Hierarchy package contains a custom Visualforce componen...




hope this can help you