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How to write action handler

Hi All,


i got stuck writing an action handler.


I have some custom components and a visual for page , below is my code


<apex:page contentType="text/xml" showHeader="false" controller="DialMerchant">
    <Say>Hello, The number you have reached is in service and dialing merchant</Say>
        <Dial record="true" action="http://abcd-developer-edition.na7.force.com/Status">{!$CurrentPage.parameters.Called}</Dial>


when this page is called it palays the message in <Say> and Dial the number mentioned in {!$CurrentPage.parameters.Called}.

Now after the call completes according to the telephonic developer they send the Status of call on the Action element specified in Dial Component which could be a Absolute or relative URL.


But it seems my vf page Status is never called.


how can i make sure if i am getting any POST request on the URL ( how to print debug or POST request as i have tried to put some debug in controller and never called).


Any comments will much appricieated.


Thanks in Advance


I've replied to your post in the Apex board.